Is your Trailer ready for summer boating?

Summer is creeping up on us fast, the hot weather, the family picnics and of course boating on our beautiful waterways.

It’s Sunday morning, you have packed a picnic lunch, you have the kids lathered in sunscreen your ready and waiting to load the kids in the car, hook up the boat to the car and enjoy a day of boating. Now you’ve had the boat serviced, that’s ready to go, but what about the trailer? Do all the lights work? Are the brakes working and what about the wheel bearings, have they been checked and re-packed with grease?

It’s questions like these that when answered ‘No’ can lead to disaster. Unfortunately a lot of people take their boat trailers for granted and never have them checked or will only have the lights repaired when someone yells from their car “hey mate, your brake lights are out”

Make sure that you have your trailers checked every 12 months and your wheels bearings replaced every 2 years.

5 things you can check on your trailer today are:

1. Are all brake, clearance and indicator lights working?

2. Is the winch winding smoothly and the webbing or cable in good condition?

3. Are the tyres in good condition? They need to stop a lot of weight!

4. Is the trailer plug fitting snugly to the vehicle?

5. Is the jockey wheel winding smoothly?

If you don’t enjoy winching your boat to the trailer or you would just like an easier way to launch and retrieve your boat you could consider installing a Boatcatch. Boatcatch is an innovative and easy way to launch and retrieve your boat with only one or two people.

Bold Trailers are your trailer specialists. We make trailer maintenance hassle free all year round at our conveniently located workshop at Taren Point. If you have any questions regarding your trailer Christian from Bold Trailers is more than happy to discuss them with you on 02 8544 0493.

Enjoy a summer of safe boating.

Dunbier Releases New Covered Winches

This week Dunbier has released a new covered winch onto the market. These winches are a safe and easy way to pull a boat back up onto a trailer.

All components are coated for corrosive protection and the winches are fitted with a high quality webbing strap.

The winch cover hides the gears, making it much safer for fingers.

The new covered winch is available in 3 sizes – 2 single speed winches – 3:1 and 5:1 and a tri speed winch 10:1/5:1/1:1.

This is the only winch the largest boat trailer manufacturer in Australia recommends and uses.

Rosehill Trailer Boat Show 2012

Christian and I packed up the workshop (shelving and all) and took the team (Rory, Ryan and Gary) out to the Rosehill Trailer Boat Show last weekend. Well, we were overwhelmed at the support by both the public and our fellow marine business owners.

Wow, you all had so many questions – some easier to answer than others without seeing your trailers but we endeavoured to answer them to the best of our ability and hopefully solve your trailer problems (or lead you in the right direction for professional help).

There were many common questions and problems so I thought I would recap on a few of them:

1. 2″ couplings on imported trailers – After consultation with the RTA these are deemed illegal as they do not meet the ADR guidelines for registraion in NSW. Please call us to book in to have your coupling changed to an Australian Standards / ADR approved coupling. There are many risks associated with this size coupling – the most obvious being that it is too big for 50mm tow balls and the boat and trailer can pop off the tow ball while driving.

2. Brakes on trailers. All trailer and boat combinations with a combined weight of over 750kg require a braking system. The most common braking system on this weight trailer is mechanical brakes. If you trailer and boat combination is over 2 tonne you require hydraulic / electric brakes.

3. “I have bearing buddies – I don’t need to change my bearings!” – WOW – a huge error of judgement here too. Bearing Buddies have a place on trailers and help prolong the life of your bearings but you still need to service your trailer regularly. If you do not have bearing buddies we recommend that you change your bearings every 12 – 18 months. If you do have bearing buddies and do not use your trailer very often you could stretch this out to 18 – 24 months at the longest to stop major problems and the possibility of your bearings collapsing.

If you have any questions regarding your trailer please feel free to write us a question in the comments below or drop into the workshop at 5 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah NSW 2229. Ph: 02 8544 8114.



Breaking News – Bold Trailers Will Be At The Rosehill Trailer Boat SHow

It is with great excitement that I share some fantastic news with you. Bold Trailers will be at the Rosehill Trailer Boat Show on the 17th – 18th March 2012. Bold Trailers will be the ‘in house’ resident experts running a “Trailer Education Centre” at the show. You will find us in the Exhibition Hall, Stand E9. Make sure you come and say hello and grab yourself a bargain and some useful trailer tips and advice.

The Rosehill Trailer Boat Show will showcase over 60 of the best trailer boating businesses in Australia. You’ll see  new and second hand trailer boats, kayaks, fishing accessories, chandlery accessories, trailers and more. 

The Rosehill Trailer Boat Show is a fun and relaxing day out. There are plenty of activities to suit everyone, even the kids!. Make sure you see the performing fish at the giant supertank!  Get the latest safety information from NSW Maritime and even renew or apply for your boat licence. There is a kids playland to keep the kids amused. It is full of games and activities with Pirate Pete. 

If you’re looking for a boating bargain, this is one event don’t want to miss. Mark the dates in your diary now and head to Rosehill Gardens Racecourse for the annual Rosehill Trailer Boat Show. Entry is FREE and gates open from 9am – 5pm both Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March.
Mark your diary now and make sure you come and have a great day at the show.