Bold Trailers Sells Second Hand Trailers

Wow, what a busy morning I have had.

Today I have sold  not 1, but 2 second hand boat trailers. Both purchasers are very happy that they have been able to find a second hand trailer that suits their boating needs.

Bold Trailers is a licensed motor vehicle dealer of both new and used trailers.

I often get asked by people wanting to but a second hand trailer “where can I find one?”. Realistically there are not as many second hand trailers for sale as one may think. There are more second hand box trailers for sale than boat and jet ski trailers.

Places you can search for a second hand boat trailer include:

1. Bold Trailers

2. EBay

3. Trading Post

4. Gumtree

You need to make sure that you understand the scope of repair works that may need to be done to your chosen second hand trailer as this can sometimes cost more than what you would pay for the trailer.

What to check when buying a second hand boat trailer! Make sure you read this article so that you reduce your risk of buying a lemon.

If you are searching for a second hand trailer we would be happy to chat with you about your requirements and keep our eyes and ears out for you.