Why It Is Important To Look After Your Bearings

Hey guys, Christian at Bold Trailers. I just wanted to take a minute to show you the difference between getting the bearings serviced on your trailer and leaving it for a long period of time.

Have a look at this wheel here, These bearings were replace recently. You can see they are packed full of grease, ready to go and there is not going to be an issue with this trailer’s bearings for at least 18 months time.

Now follow me this way….. The owner of this trailer hasn’t had their bearings serviced  for quite a long time. You can see it is all damaged and not only do the bearings now need to be replaced but also the axle and the hubs and this can get very expensive.

So remember, if you need any bearings changed on your trailer, if you need any trailer repair done whatsoever, remember the name Bold Trails, We are your Trailer Repair Specialists. boldtrailers.loc.au

Examples Of Work Carried Out By Bold Trailers

Examples of work carried out by Bold Trailers and the services we provide including:

* Boatcatch sales and installations

* Swing away drawbars

* Welding

* Sales of new boat trailers from Dunbier, Mackay and Boeing

* Sales of trailer parts

* Trailer servicing

* Trailer repairs

* Winch repairs

* Repairs to trailer breaking systems

* Sales and installations of Hydrastar Electric Breaking Systems

* Conversions and Modifications to imported trailers to meet Australian Standards