What To Look For When Buying A New Boat Trailer

So you’ve made the decision to buy a new boat trailer, so which one should you buy?

Do you go for a cheap imported trailer that may only last two years before major repairs are needed?

Do you buy an Australian Made trailer, one that will last for the remaining life of your boat?

Do you buy a trailer with rollers or Skids?

There are endless questions you could ask yourself before buying a trailer but do you have the right answers?

For the majority of boat owners there are either fibre glass or aluminium boats. A fibre glass boat will usually be bedded on a trailer with rollers; an aluminium boat is usually bedded on a trailer with skids. So what’s the difference?

A roller allows a boat to roll both off and on a trailer with ease meaning the trailer doesn’t need to sit as far in the water. The more rollers you have on a trailer, the better the weight is distributed and the easier the launch and retrieval is.

The reason most aluminium boat owners don’t use a roller trailer is due to the fact that over time the rollers can start to dent the aluminium hull, so the next best option is a skid trailer with Teflon strips for smooth launch and retrieve. Although the Teflon strip requires more effort than a roller system, most aluminium boats are a lot lighter than fibre glass boats.

Skids also come carpeted and these are often used for fibre glass boats, the problem with carpeted skids is that more effort is needed to remove the boat from the trailer. Once you have chosen the right type of launch and retrieval system for your trailer you then need to decide on the type of braking system you want. The different types include:

– Mechanical

– Hydraulic

– Electrical

– Dual Brakes

– Single Brakes

Depending on what the weight of your boat is determines what type of braking system you require.

There are a lot of accessories you can get with your new trailer, upgraded jockey wheel, bearing buddies, L.E.D. submersible lights, guide poles and spare wheel. Remember these are extras and may cost more to have installed on your trailer.

If all this seems too much to handle, why not call in and see the friendly staff at BOLD Trailers, they can help you out with all your new trailer needs. They offer a huge range of trailer makes and models for all budgets, from Jet Ski trailers to dual axle trailers suited for boats over 4 tonne.

How To Get Your Imported Trailer Registered In NSW

1. Pick up your boat and trailer from the Docks – This will need to be done with a tow truck as it is illegal to tow an unregistered vehicle.

2. Deliver you boat and trailer to your chosen storage facility. We can recommend some storage solutions if you need them.

3. Remove boat from trailer and moor or dry store your boat (this will be done for you if you are using a commercial storage facility).

4. Deliver your trailer to Bold Trailers (again – a tow truck needs to be used as it is illegal to tow and unregistered vehicle)

5. Bold Trailers will assess the trailer and note the modifications required for your trailer to comply with Australian Standards. (This will not be done at the time of dropping off the trailer)

6. Bold Trailers will provide a written quote for the trailer modifications.

7. Bold Trailers will phone you to discuss your trailer. If possible we would prefer you to drop into the workshop and discuss your trailer in person.

8. You will need to advise Bold Trailers what work you would like us to carry out and provide approval for this work by signing a job card.

9. Bold Trailers will proceed with the modifications approved by you.

10. Bold Trailers will test your trailer.

11. Bold Trailers will organise your weigh bridge ticket.

12. Bold Trailers will organise your Blue or Brown Slip.

13. Bold Trailers will phone you when your trailer is completed.

14. Attend the Bold Trailers workshop for final inspection of the trailer repairs, pay invoice and collect registration paperwork.

15. Take paperwork to RTA (There is one locally) and register trailer.

16. If Bold Trailers has organised your boat to be stored at their recommended storage facility they can return your trailer there for you. If not, collect trailer form Bold Trailers workshop.

17. Enjoy your new trailer.