Hub And Axle Problems With Trailers

Hi, my name is Rory from Bold Trailers – the trailer repair specialists. I will take you quickly through a job which has come into our workshop. This trailer here right next to me on the hoist has come in on the back of a tow truck. Similar to one of our other jobs in the past, the wheel has come off on the other side of the trailer, basically because the bearings have collapsed. In order to complete the job I have to take this side off as well.

The customer says his trailer was last serviced just before he bought it and he purchased it 6 months ago. In order to take this off, I have taken the bearing cap off and gone to take the axle nut off. Now generally you will have a split pin through the holes in the nut and through the hole in the middle of the axle. This was missing. This is possibly one of the reasons why the nut came loose on the other side. Furthermore behind this nut, there is normally a washer. That washer will hold the front forward bearing in place. Again this was also missing. So whoever last did the service, we have to assume left this out. This causes big issues.

That has allowed both the front bearing and the whole hub to move. Through the breakdown of the grease, as you can see which is black, you can tell from my hands, the wheel has not been able to rotate freely and is actually quite stiff. In the process, over the course of time, this has now heated up and has welded itself in place. Generally during a service, once I have all of these components removed, I am able to pull this hub off by hand.

As you can hear in the background there, this one is not budging and the whole hoist is moving. I am left now with no option other than to take the whole axle out and replace the whole axle. This is resulting in a very costly repair for this customer and simple maintenance could have prevented this. So, if I can help you in any way with your trailer, remember Rory from Bold Trailers – trailer repair specialists, and I would be more than happy to help you. Rory, Bold Trailers

Watch Sutherland Shire Council Lifeguards Drive Their Jet Ski Into The Surf From Their Customised Reverse Jet Ski Trailer

Bold Trailers provided Sutherland Shire Council Lifeguards with a customised Jet Ski Trailer (PWC Trailer). This trailer allows the lifeguards to drive the Jet ski (PWC) nose first into the surf. This has reduced their resuce response time and allows them to get to their patient quicker.Have a look at this video and see how easily the lifeguards drive the jet ski off the trailer and into the surf. If you would like a trailer like this please contact Bold Trailers

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We Are Hiring – Trade Assistant

Bold Trailers is looking for a mechanically minded trade assistant for their Caringbah workshop. As NSW’s leading trailer repair specialist centre you will be joining a growing company and opportunities for advancement will be available for the right person. Males and females encouraged to apply. Automotive experience preferred but not essential. A desire to succeed is a must.

This position is 38 hours each week and you must hold a current NSW driver’s license.

* Tasks include (but not limited to):

  • * Assistance with Boat and Trailer Fit Ups

  • * General Trailer assembly

  • * Manual Labour and Heavy Lifting

  • * Unloading of trailers and accessories

  • * Cleaning of workshop, parts, yard and accessories

  • * Customer Service, Phones and basic admin

  • * Assistance with basic trailer repairs and servicing

The successful applicant must be able to follow instruction and be willing to learn new skills. Reliability, punctuality, diligence and honesty are essential. English language skills essential. To apply send your resume to Christian Bold via email: For further information please phone (02) 8544-8114.

Fulton Jockey Wheel Video

Hi everyone, Christian from Bold Trailers. We have come out to the beautiful Bellevue Hill today to fit a Fulton Jockey Wheel to a boat trailer.

The reason we’ve fitted a Fulton Jockey Wheel to this boat trailer, if you have a look at the length of the trailer.  It is quite long and it fits a very heavy boat so it needs a heavy duty jockey wheel to suit the trailer.

The reason we recommend the Fulton Jockey Wheel is because it is aluminium based, all the gears are sealed inside.  It is a dual wheel operation.  All you do is wind it down, it takes the weight of the boat trailer beautifully.  Same with winding up, just with ease. Straight back up and easy to store when you are towing the vehicle, just lock the handle in so it does not move.  Pull the pin out and it folds up.

Beautiful, easy to use and it is going to last a long time.

So if you do need a Fulton Jockey Wheel, come and see us at Bold Trailers.  We would be more than happy to help you out.

Caravan Repairs At Bold Trailers

Did you know that Bold Trailers is experienced in Caravan Repairs? We are Sydney’s best kept secret in this field (and we would like to change that). While many caravan and camper trailer owners wait 3-4 months to get their caravans serviced or repaired at 2 of the large repair centers in Greater Sydney (One in the Camden area and the other on the far Northern End of Sydney), Those cleaver caravan owners in the know pop in to Bold Trailers which is conveniently located at Caringbah, 30 minutes from the CBD in the beautiful Sutherland Shire and get their Caravan repaired of serviced within a matter of days or a few short weeks (in peak periods). Whether you need undercarriage servicing, hubs and bearings replaced, new axles, body repairs, plumbing, wiring, lights, fibre glass repairs, upholstery repairs…… we have a team that can look after all of this for you. 

Christian Bold is a licensed Automotive Mechanic, a licensed Auto Electrician and a licensed Automotive Body Builder. He is also an RMS examiner for e-safety checks (pink slips) and an AUVIS examiner (blue slips).

Bold Trailers has a weighbridge on site to assist with weighbridge tickets and tow ball load. We are also a stockist and authorised fitter for Hayman Reese towbars and towing accessories, Pro Series towing accessories and Fulton jockey wheels. We can fit a new towbar to your car and also supply  towing equipment including weight distribution systems, tow balls and covers, couplings (hitches), safety chains, D shackles, electronic brake control units, wiring, trailer locks, cargo barriers, trailer ball mounts…. the list is long.

What are you waiting for? Give Bold trailers a call now on 02 8544-8114 and let us take the hassle out of your caravan repairs.