AL-KO Stability Control For Your Caravan

AL-KO Electronic Stability Control For Your Caravan

Did you know that Bold Trailers are accredited to fit ESC. Now what is ESC? ESC is Electronic Stability Control and it’s retro fit to caravans. What it does is it allows the caravan to stabilize itself if you go through a wind tunnel. Wind tunnel is created when trucks go past you at a fast pace
You might have witnessed this before, when the caravan starts to sway side to side. What the Electronic Stability Control does is it starts to apply the brakes on each side depending on how much swing there is and brings the caravan back into alignment.
If you like to know more about ESC or you would like to have ESC fitted to your caravan, come down to Bold Trailers because we can definitely do that for you and we definitely recommend it on our caravans.
This is Christian from Bold Trailers.
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