Why You Need An ECU Fitted With Your Towbar?

We sometimes get asked by people if can they have a towbar installed without the trailers ECU (the wiring unit) to save money. Not all vehicles require towbars with an ECU but if it does – it is there for a very good reason! You should not modify the cars wiring system to tap in a 7 pin plug. The ECU for the towbar is not only there to make the electrical parts of the trailer work (brakes / lights) but it protects your car. It stops the trailer causing electrical issues with the vehicles wiring and computers which can do things like make your car make strange beeping noises and turn on warning lights in the car. Not only this, you can void the warranty of your car and towbar by not having the towbar installed correctly.

So would you rather pay approx $200 more and have the towbar ECU fitted at the time of your towbar installation or would you prefer to pay for new wiring and computer modules for your car?

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