When it comes to towing your boat trailer there is nothing as important as your safety; having the appropriate braking system fitted to your boat trailer is vital. When buying a boat trailer you must consider not just the weight of the boat you are putting on it but also all the fuel, motor and gear you are loading into the boat. It is this combined total weight that determines what boat trailer and braking system you require.

For boat trailers under 750kg no braking system is required

For boat trailers 750kg-2000kg a simple single axle system is required. This can be either mechanical or hydraulic brakes.

For boat trailers 2000kg and over a braking system on all wheels is required and also a brake away device or a hydraulic system such as a Hydrstar unit or Sensa-Brake.

Just like your car your boat trailer needs regular servicing and maintenance especially the braking system to ensure it remains operating in peak condition. At Bold Trailers® we have access to a large range of replacement parts and also stock a variety DIY components to service your particular system.

We sell and install brake pads, mechanical callipers, hydraulic callipers, adjusters, brake cables, brake hose, flexi hose, calliper mounts, mechanical override couplings, hydraulic override couplings, Hydrastar, Sensa Brake, brake fluid, brake actuators, hydraulic brake units, brake drums and backing plates, USA brake parts, disc hubs, brake control units, brake levers and hand brakes.

Our qualified technicians and auto electricians can carry out any work from USA conversions, brake installations, mechanical or hydraulic conversions and repairs. We can even fit your car with a compatible brake control unit for your boat trailer, show you how it works and have it set up ready for your boat trailer upon collection.