Caravan Awning Storm Damage

The late summer storm season has well and truly hit us over the last few weeks and many caravan owners have experienced damage to their awnings from the strong winds whipping up while their awning was still extended.

This damage is not only limited to the awning fabric itself but strong winds can also bend the awning hardware which is the arms of the awning that extend out from the caravan walls. What many caravan owners either forget or don’t realise is that when their awning is damage in a storm most insurance policies will cover its replacement.

Why do I say replacement? The fabric of a caravan awning is attached to a spindle that is pre-tensioned at the time of manufacture. The replacement awning fabric is purchased on a new tensioned spindle – not on its own to be wound onto the existing spindle.

Bold Trailers can assist you with repairing and replacing your caravan awning. If you are claiming through your insurance that’s fine with us. We are happy to work with all insurance companies to make your repair as easy as possible. Not sure what to do next? Give us a call on 8544-8114 and book a time to bring your caravan to our workshop and we can have a look at what has happened and advise you on your options.

Our Top 3 Fathers Day Gifts


With Fathers Day quickly approaching we have listed our 3 most popular gifts available from Bold Trailers that are sure to bring a smile to dad’s face.

  1. AL-KO Trailer Wheel Lock – $100
    What better way to keep dad happy then to look after his pride and joy and make sure it does not get stolen. The easy to use, high quality AL-KO Wheel Lock fits trailer and caravan tyres from 13″-15″ wheels, has anti scratch protectors and is key operated.
  2. Chrome Tow Ball Covers – $6
    For the dad who has everything why not add a chrome tow ball cover to his card. The simple gesture to hep him avoid grease on his trousers and make his car look good at the same time.
  3. Boat Trailer Guide Posts – $100
    Sick of the arguments at the boat ramp? Want to make it easier to drive the boat onto the trailer straight? Then a pair of Boat Trailers Guide Posts will do the trick. Starting at $100 a pair its a smart addition to a trailer.