Product Review : Morphie Powerstation PRO

mophie_powerstation_pro-3The fabulous team at Powered Life gave us a Morphie Powerstation PRO to test out. In one word: excellent!

This portable power pack when fully charged has enough power to charge my HTC M one 8 mobile phone to full capacity twice.

Its tough design kept up with the demands of being tossed around a car, in a caravan repair workshop, numerous outdoor activities and from handbag to school bag.

It was easy to charge too. I charged it via plugging it into a mobile phone wall charger, the USB port on our TV, the USB port on my laptop and desktop and the USB port on my office printer. It charged almost as fast plugged into the car.

Its beautifully universal design accommodates USB and micro USB chargeable devices including smartphones; all iPhones, iPads, iPad Mini, iPods; most tablets and Kindle/e-readers.

morphieThe Morphie Powerstation Pro is impact and splash resistant – perfect for camping and boating activities. Its 6000mAh capacity will keep you charged for days. It has an easy to see light up power capacity gauge letting you know how much charge is left in the power pack.

The Morphie Powerstation Pro is rated to IP65. It has been tested using international standards for dust and water resistance (IP = Ingress Protection). A rating of 65 means that this device is totally dust-proof (with the ports closed) and resistant to water being sprayed at it with a water-jet.

For extra power on the go check out the Morphie Powerstation PRO.

Product Review: Otterbox Defender Mobile Phone Case

otterbox_def_ip6_inkblueUpon being presented with my review model Otterbox Defender Phone Case the first thing that struck me was how bright pink it was. The second thing was the sturdiness of the case. The inner shell of plastic with clear screen protector encases the phone top to bottom and secures to it using a number of snap locks around the case. This is then covered by the soft rubber casing which provides a easily holdable surface in which to hold the phone.

To put the case through its paces I took it camping with me for a weekend on the south coast, My friends were quite interested in my new case and immediately decided to test it by dropping my phone on the ground from head height (thanks guys). However this did not phase it one bit, in fact it performed flawlessly over a weekend of being bounced around the cabin of my 4X4 on the rough tracks and mud of the 4×4 tracks.

After its initial weekend of testing the case had its next test, surviving workshop conditions in the otterbox-defender-galaxy-s6-bluehands of a mechanic. Despite being used and abused while I worked, the only sign of any wear is that its once bright pink now has a slightly blacker tinge to it.

Overall this case is extremely sturdy and I have no hesitation recommending to anyone who needs a case to protect their phone in tough working environments.


Tough Case

Easy to take apart for cleaning

Screen protector helps prevent greasy marks


Makes Overall size of phone noticeably larger.

Bit fiddly to plug in charger.

A big thanks to Powered Life for supplying the Otterbox Defender case. Check out the Otterbox Defender Cases at Poweref Life