Our Top 3 Fathers Day Gifts


With Fathers Day quickly approaching we have listed our 3 most popular gifts available from Bold Trailers that are sure to bring a smile to dad’s face.

  1. AL-KO Trailer Wheel Lock – $100
    What better way to keep dad happy then to look after his pride and joy and make sure it does not get stolen. The easy to use, high quality AL-KO Wheel Lock fits trailer and caravan tyres from 13″-15″ wheels, has anti scratch protectors and is key operated.
  2. Chrome Tow Ball Covers – $6
    For the dad who has everything why not add a chrome tow ball cover to his card. The simple gesture to hep him avoid grease on his trousers and make his car look good at the same time.
  3. Boat Trailer Guide Posts – $100
    Sick of the arguments at the boat ramp? Want to make it easier to drive the boat onto the trailer straight? Then a pair of Boat Trailers Guide Posts will do the trick. Starting at $100 a pair its a smart addition to a trailer.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Boat Trailer Owners

Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Boat Trailer Owners

With Christmas just around the corner it can be daunting to find the perfect Christmas gift. Never fear, check out our top 5 Christmas gifts for boat trailer owners.



  1. Dunbier Spare Wheel Carrier: Dunbier Spare Wheel Carriers are galvanised, bolt on spare wheel carrier that many sizes of trailer frames. They can hold 13”, 14” and 15” wheels and are an easy DIY addition to your boat trailer. 3 different models available from $16 – $99.
  1. AL-KO Easy Clamp: The AL-KO easy clamp secures your trailer against theft. It is made from heavy duty, weather resistant steel. It adjusts to fit around 13” to 15” wheels, is portable and easy to use. Lock this around your trailer wheel and no one if getting your pride and joy. Price $100.
  1. Boat Guide Posts: Make retrieving your boat easier with a set of Boat Guides. From $220 for a DIY set including all mounting hardware, you can easily see where to line your boat up while on the boat ramp. Not only is visibility improved but your Boat Guides will help straighten your boat up onto your trailer.
  1. Spare Winch Handles: The perfect stocking filler. A spare winch handle never goes astray and is the most commonly ‘lost’ item from a boat trailer. Available in both Hex and Clip handles, gift someone a spare one and they will never be caught short on the boat ramp. From $15.
  1. Multi Fit Rim: A spare tyre is a boaters ‘must’. Galvanised multi-fit rims come in 10”, 13” and 14” sizes and suit both Ford and Holden stud patterns. Priced from $85 and available on their own or with a tyre included, these multi fit rims are a popular Christmas gift.

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1 Easy Change You Can Make To Your Bow Roller To Keep Your Boat Centered

Customers often ask me for a solution to helping keep the bow of the boat straight and protected on their trailer. A simple solution to this is to change the bow roller on your boat trailer from the standard black bow roller to a Dunbier Poly Bow Roller. These rollers are a ‘like for like’ replacement in both a 75mm and 100mm width for the winch carriers. The have larger wings on the sides creating a nice ‘V’ that helps keep the bow of the boat centered on your boat trailer.

How To Shorten The Length Of Your Trailer

If you need to shorten the length of your boat trailer (or almost any trailer) so that it fits in your garage or storage place, a swing away system may be your solution.

Bold Trailers can retro fit a swing away drawbar to your current trailer. Depending on your trailer set up, the length that can be removed from your trailer for storage will vary.

The swing away draw bar system is manufactured to Australian Standards and is engineered to fit your trailer.

If you would like to discuss fitting a swing away system to your trailer please call Bold Trailers on  8544-8114.

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Fulton Jockey Wheel Video

Hi everyone, Christian from Bold Trailers. We have come out to the beautiful Bellevue Hill today to fit a Fulton Jockey Wheel to a boat trailer.

The reason we’ve fitted a Fulton Jockey Wheel to this boat trailer, if you have a look at the length of the trailer.  It is quite long and it fits a very heavy boat so it needs a heavy duty jockey wheel to suit the trailer.

The reason we recommend the Fulton Jockey Wheel is because it is aluminium based, all the gears are sealed inside.  It is a dual wheel operation.  All you do is wind it down, it takes the weight of the boat trailer beautifully.  Same with winding up, just with ease. Straight back up and easy to store when you are towing the vehicle, just lock the handle in so it does not move.  Pull the pin out and it folds up.

Beautiful, easy to use and it is going to last a long time.

So if you do need a Fulton Jockey Wheel, come and see us at Bold Trailers.  We would be more than happy to help you out.