There are 2 main types of trailer lights – Globe lights and LED lights. Bold Trailers® recommends LED lights for your trailer and caravan.

What are LED Trailer Lights?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Trailer Lights are a pre-assembled sealed unit that replace a standard globe style light. LED lights require less power to operate and can provide a brighter light compared to conventional globes. By being assembled on a sealed circuit board the chances of damage and deterioration from the elements is reduced and with a lower power draw then conventional lights they have a much longer expected life.

Can I Fit LED lights to my trailer?

Yes, Bold Trailers® carry a large range of lights from suppliers like LEDAUTOLAMPS, Dunbier and ARK allowing us to easily match the most suitable construction and design to your trailer

Aren’t all LED lights the same?

No, there are numerous manufactures and styles of LED lights on the market today. While almost all LED lights are sealed and waterproof, this does not necessarily mean that they are submersible. When selecting lights for a boat trailer always ensure they are fully submersible.

How do I wire in my lights?

When fitting new lights to a trailer it is always recommended to replace the existing wiring. To make this easier we stock a variety of lights to suit your particular application whether workshop installed or for the DIYer from

  • Fully prewired
  • Plug and Play
  • or, solder in

Do my new lights come with warranty?

Almost all LED lights come with some form of warranty so long as the instillation is carried out according to the manufacturer. For complete peace of mind have your lights installed by us to ensure you get the most out of the warranty.